Walmart Introduces Special Care Program Catering to Small Businesses

Walmart Introduces Special Care Program Catering to Small Businesses

June 8, 2023 : With a surge in small businesses emerging, Walmart has launched a program to meet their specific needs more effectively. The program debuted in September 2022 and has garnered significant attention from small businesses seeking office supplies and other essential items. Walmart’s program covers various supplies, from shelving to beverages, snacks, and fresh fruit for break rooms. Additionally, the program offers installation and assembly services, ensuring a meticulous and hassle-free experience for items such as furniture and television monitors.

Ashley Hubka, the Senior Vice President and General Manager, is heading this new business platform at Walmart. Recognizing the millions of businesses and non-profit organizations already relying on Walmart for their shopping needs, Hubka believes that a dedicated service tailored to their requirements is a logical step forward.

The timing appears to be ideal for developing a distinct offering and platform exclusively catering to small and medium-sized businesses and non-profit organizations. Verified businesses and non-profits can avail themselves of the Walmart Business service at no cost, while an upgraded version, Walmart Business (plus), is available for $98. This mirrors the membership structure of Walmart+ for household shoppers.

Hubka outlined the steps for businesses and non-profits to get started:

  1. Explore the Walmart website or visit a physical store to view the assortment and pricing.
  2. Register and provide the necessary information to verify eligibility as a small business or non-profit organization. This requires a tax ID number.
  3. Once verified, the organization can choose to maintain a free account or upgrade to a Plus membership.
  4. Walmart Business members enjoy free shipping with no minimum order requirement. Free delivery or in-store pickup is offered for orders over $35, a 2% reward on orders exceeding $250 and a 5% discount on repeat subscription items.
  5. Walmart Business members gain access to analytics, enabling them to monitor their spending with Walmart.

Walmart recognizes the importance of building and maintaining trust with these organizations, as they rely on the retailer to keep their operations running seamlessly. The selected merchandise must be readily available in stock, while Walmart strives to provide reliable order tracking and delivery services.