Walmart hires startup developing at-home COVID-19 Tests

Walmart hires startup developing at-home COVID-19 Tests

September 2, 2022:- Walmart is one of the few investors supporting the startup that is designing an at-home COVID-19 test that will help people to test and get results in a few minutes. NowDiagnostics Inc. has filed an emergency approval from the US FDA for a COVID19 antibody blood tests.

The company is also working on two tests that will use patient’s saliva and, deliver the results in minutes said CEO Kevin Clark.

One test will focus on antigen tests that focus on finding the virus protein to diagnose an active infection within the patient’s body.

The second test looks for an immune response that finds the previous infection signal within the patient’s body.

Walmart was in discussion with NewDiagnostics for several years to provide health care products and services at a fixed price. The company was working on finding solutions for common flu and other infectious diseases. These discussions increased in the pandemic with regards to finding health care solutions for COVID19.

“As research and development progressed, we found we could achieve greater sensitivity, and the best possible accuracy, by using samples collected with a simple, fast swab just inside of the nostril,” said Dr. Stephen Tang, OraSure’s chief executive.

None of the tests are FDA approved yet and, never before the FDA has given immediate approval on the saliva-based tests. Previously OraSure Technologies Inc. has tried to come up with saliva-based rapid antigen tests and, recently the company has shifted its focus towards nasal swab tests.

Walmart has invested in the healthcare sector by providing low-cost tests and, investment in the health care sector has increased in the last few years. The retail shop also has a doctor’s clinic within the store that provides you with medicines and treatment at a lesser cost compared to other services outside. The plan of Walmart also includes increasing the in house doctor’s shop across the retail store in the United States.