Rural Businesses That Rule The Western World

Food connoisseurs can earn millions of pounds since eatables and beverages form a major part of Britain’s rural business industry. For the past 25 years, the food industry has grown immensely in Britain and eventually become one of the largest retail sectors in the nation. According to the reports, online shopping and purchasing have increased considerably in comparison with domestic stores. Netherlands and UK top the list of Western nations which have the highest shopping rate.

Belvoir Fruit Farms:

This Beverages Company from Leicestershire has been selling soft drinks since 1984. Their signature recipe is Elderflower Cordial, the essence of which is collected from exotic Elder Flower orchards which are exclusive to rural Britain. In 2017, this company garnered a financial yield of £18.5 million.

The following feedback from the company can testify to the reliability and quality of Belvoir Fruit Farms-

“Belvoir’s business ethos has always been consumer choice and the determination to make the best tasting and best quality drinks they can. This means that despite the challenges of the sugar tax, Belvoir has refused to swap sugar for artificial sweeteners as many brands have done as they are not prepared to compromise on taste or quality.”

Bluefruit Software:

This was a tiny enterprise that began in Cornwall, yet spread across Boston, San Francisco, Edinburgh, Cambridge, etc. The company claims to have a sum of 400% progress spanning from 2012 to 2019. “Rural businesses tend to face three big obstacles: perception, place, and people. As world-leading embedded engineering experts, Bluefruit Software has found a way to overcome all three, building a thriving tech business in the heart of Cornwall.”

L.J. Fairburn & Son:

Being called Britain’s ‘largest family-owned independent Egg producer,’ L.J. Fairburn & Son has come a long way from being a business with merely 150 chickens. Currently, this large-scale enterprise generates 17 million eggs per week and has produced a compelling web of farmers.

Mash direct:

This business venture which was begun by the Hamiltons, became the UK’s leading seller of vegetable accompaniments. This organization, which has 14 years of experience in the agrarian field, has its humble beginnings as a distributor of mashed potatoes to a couple of local farm stores. Currently, this company has nearly 6500 shops and is enlarging the business even wider.

The above-mentioned are a few among many rural businesses which collect huge revenue and have immensely contributed to making Britain one of the leading business nations. Established in various counties, most of these businesses are family-run. These enterprises can range from casual eatables to intricate software. Having an idea of these businesses can help entrepreneurs to embark upon profitable trades.