The Power of Phygital Retail: Enhancing Experiences and Reducing Costs for Brands

The Power of Phygital Retail: Enhancing Experiences and Reducing Costs for Brands

June 26, 2023 : The Fabricant, a digital fashion house, has joined the HighSnobiety’s Not in Paris cultural commerce program, resulting in a unique collaboration. The Fabricant team has created three nonfungible tokens (NFT) digital varsity jackets, which can also be worn through augmented reality (AR) technology. One of the jackets, “The Eiffel Tower Pursuit,” is a digital replica of a physical HighSnobiety branded jacket, while the other two, such as the “Parisian Mirage,” showcase more imaginative designs.

These digital jackets have animated effects, such as miniature Eiffel Towers hovering around the wearer and whimsical patch details featuring typical Parisian motifs like baguettes. The NFTs are priced at approximately $24, and The Fabricant has also designed digital HighSnobiety glasses that can be experienced for free through their app using AR technology.

Adriana Hoppenbrouwer, the co-founder of The Fabricant, highlighted the significance of this collaboration, stating that they are the first digital fashion brand to partner with HighSnobiety for a digital drop. Beyond showcasing creativity, this partnership reflects the increasing integration of digital elements into physical retail spaces, emphasizing the rise of experiential phygital retail.

The Fabricant’s digital jackets are prominently displayed on a screen at HighSnobiety’s Not in Paris pop-up boutique, which coincides with Paris Men’s Fashion Week. Visitors are directed to The Fabricant’s app or website through a QR code, enabling them to purchase these digital styles.

Hoppenbrouwer sees this collaboration as an opportunity to reach new customers who may not be native to the digital world, as it allows The Fabricant to explore the traditional physical fashion environment. The Fabricant has previously partnered with renowned brands such as Off-White, Adidas, Diesel, and RTFKT.

For HighSnobiety, the partnership helps expand its presence in the digital realm, aligning with its focus on experiences and culture, thereby delivering a new and exciting narrative.

The convergence of fashion and technology continues to push boundaries. Coach recently collaborated with augmented reality platform ZERO10 in New York, offering customers the chance to virtually try on digital versions of their Tabby Bags through an in-store AR smart mirror and AR Storefront. ZERO10’s CEO, George Yashin, intends to take this concept further, developing a standalone AR store that requires minimal space and allows customers to virtually try on a brand’s physical inventory and make purchases.

HighSnobiety’s Not in Paris program debuted digitally in June 2020 during the pandemic as a response to the absence of physical fashion week activities. Since then, it has evolved into a physical presence featuring immersive community-driven events. The Paris Men’s Fashion Week pop-up store, café, and events venue offer experiential programming and curated product partnerships with Parisian cultural institutions across various domains, including art, film, literature, fashion, music, and gastronomy.

The limited edition The Fabricant NFT wearables, with only 330 available, can be minted until July 5 and purchased using The Fabricant’s Flow tokens or regular credit card payment via MoonPay.
The HighSnobiety Not in Paris pop-up will open until June 25 at 101 Rue Réaumur, 75002 Paris.