Shopsense Unveils Retail Media Platform for Second-Screen Shopping

Shopsense Unveils Retail Media Platform for Second-Screen Shopping

May 10, 2024 : Shopsense, a company focused on innovation in retail technology, has announced the launch of its groundbreaking retail media platform. This platform is designed to revolutionize the shopping experience by enabling seamless integration of online product discovery with in-store or TV viewing habits.

The rise of “second-screen” behavior, where consumers use smartphones or tablets alongside traditional media like television, presents a unique opportunity for retailers. Shopsense capitalizes on this trend by creating a user-friendly platform that allows viewers to instantly explore and purchase products featured on screen.

Here’s how Shopsense streamlines the second-screen shopping experience:

  • AI-Powered Product Recognition: Shopsense utilizes advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to identify products showcased in television programs or displayed in physical stores.
  • Curated Storefronts: Leveraging AI and real-time data, Shopsense generates personalized online storefronts featuring the identified products. This eliminates the need for viewers to manually search for items, saving time and effort.
  • Frictionless Purchasing:  The platform integrates directly with retailers’ e-commerce systems, enabling viewers to seamlessly purchase desired products within the Shopsense app, eliminating the need to switch between multiple platforms.

Shopsense offers advantages for both retailers and consumers.

  • Enhanced Customer Engagement: Retailers can leverage Shopsense to extend their reach and engage viewers beyond the traditional television screen or physical store environment.
  • Impulse Purchases Made Easy: The platform’s immediate availability caters to impulse purchases triggered by on-screen product exposure, potentially increasing retail sales.
  • Convenience for Consumers:  Consumers enjoy a frustration-free shopping experience with instant product identification, personalized recommendations, and a streamlined purchasing process.

Shopsense has already secured partnerships with prominent media companies like Paramount Global, demonstrating the growing industry recognition of its potential. Recent pilot programs, such as the integration with CBS Sports’ Golazo Network and daytime talk show “The Talk,” have showcased the platform’s ability to seamlessly integrate with diverse content and effectively connect viewers with desired products.

The launch of Shopsense signifies a significant development in the convergence of online and offline shopping experiences. This innovative platform has the potential to redefine the way consumers discover and purchase products, fostering a more convenient and engaging shopping experience for the digital age.


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