Sephora at Kohl's: Localizing Retail for Optimal Market Reach

April 6, 2023:  Kohl’s is set to open 250 new Sephora stores this year, increasing the total number of Sephora-enhanced locations to 850 by the end of the year. The move is part of the company’s plan to be present in every Kohl’s store. These full-sized stores, which are 2,500 sq. ft., are manned by Sephora-trained beauty advisors, providing the same customer experience as Sephora free-standing stores. Sephora’s partnership with Kohl’s has been mutually beneficial, with approximately eight million customers buying Sephora products at Kohl’s last year. The company has gained access to customers who may not have visited a standalone Sephora store. Kohl’s has built a loyal, fashion-conscious, value-oriented shopper community that Sephora wants to tap into. Both companies have employed a portfolio approach, where each local store serves unique groups’ needs, allowing each store to put its best foot forward for the local shopper.