Retail Industry: Skip checkout lines in the store use the Dash Carts

Retail Industry: Skip checkout lines in the store use the Dash Carts

September 2, 2022:- The retail industry was an early adopter with technology advancement wherein people adopt new technologies very often. Recent days we have seen how AI, Virtual reality is playing a prominent role in the Retail Industry. Amazon is here with a cashless purchase option, the future of the grocery stores, and other retail stores as well. The Dash Carts introduced by Amazon helps the customer to pick the product they want to buy and drop in their cart and, the camera and sensors fit in the cart will automatically detect the product and display in the dash cart with the price.

The customer needs to have the Amazon account and are requested to scan while choosing the Dash Cart, later you can use the mobile how you want. Upon detecting the Amazon user’s account, the Dash cart will bill and give the end price automatically when you drop the product into the cart. The customer is allowed to log out in a similar way where they have to take the grocery and go away. The software will charge the customer to the credit card that is linked to the Amazon account and send the details over email.

Amazon was focusing on the cashless checkout from 2015, and finally, the company announced to launch the product later this year. The biggest challenge faced in this process is to categorize, input values of the product list said the Amazon company representative.

The company opened its first cashless grocery store in the month of February with over 5000 different products and named Amazon Go Grocery in Seattle. The company will roll out the Dash Cart in the new grocery store later this year in Los Angeles, announced on Tuesday.

The prominent issue in the future of the Dash Carts is the time to input information about each product which the technology companies will overcome in the coming days. The current pandemic situation will continue for at least the next year and, people will be more conscious of the contact and safety measures. The contactless payment was one of the changes in today’s scenario to help stop the spread of viruses. Whereas, contactless shopping will be the future in the retail industry.

As customers are relying on the online purchase to avoid contact, we look forward to seeing the technology advancement in the grocery stores and get more of dash carts installed in every grocery store to reduce the wait time and fast check out. Other organizations and retail solution providers are working on automated technology and robotics solution to ease the process and make the shopping joyful in the coming days.