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Magnus Larsson

Acting President and CEO

In the last few years, Magnus Larsson has focused on developing Pricer’s service offering and organization, and these experiences will be helpful as Magnus becomes the Acting President and CEO to execute on the company’s strategy. In his previous positions within the company, Magnus has worked closely with customers and partners to solve the challenges they face today and tomorrow. These experiences are now acting as foundation for Magnus to create the best possible environment for all the dedicated people to focus on the right things for the future.

“It is with a sense of humility that I look at all the great things we have achieved as a company so far, but also with a sense of excitement when I look at all the great things ahead. Retailers of tomorrow face a more competitive landscape than ever and want to increase automation and digitalization. We are in a perfect position to lead this transformation together with our customers, improving store efficiency, sales, and the customer experience,” says Magnus in an article in MarketScreener.

It is pertinent to mention, Magnus has an engineering degree from KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and more than 20 years of experience from senior positions, globally, regionally and locally, at international companies within product and service operations, especially in the telecom industry at companies such as Nokia, Sonera and Edgeware.

“The entire board and I are very satisfied and feel confident about the appointment of Magnus Larsson as acting CEO. Magnus has worked for Pricer for three years and during that time he has successfully developed Pricer’s service offering and organization to serve our customers in all markets at the same high level. In addition to his role as Vice President Customer Operations, he is also Head of Region for the Nordic and Baltic countries. With a very strong commitment and solid competence and knowledge of the company, he has what it takes to lead an innovation-driven international business in a growing market and drive profitable growth strategically and tactically. At the same time, we would like to thank Magnus Midgard for accepting the position as acting CEO at short notice during the transition period,” says Knut Faremo, executive Chairman of the Board of Pricer.

“I am happy and proud to have been appointed as acting CEO of Pricer. Retail is undergoing an exciting development towards increasing automation and digitalization, and here Pricer’s solution plays an important role, both for store efficiency and greater sales, and for better shopping experiences. Pricer has made an outstanding transformation, from a hardware supplier to a leading tech company within smart retail, and thereby laid the foundation for a new, future-proof business model. Based on that foundation, and with the help of all our fantastic and committed employees, I look forward to continuing to develop the business and to be an important partner in our customers’ digitization,” adds Magnus.

Building A Brand

Today, retailers face many challenges, some of which have been unique during the COVID pandemic. Retailers constantly strive to improve their profitability through efficiency gains, for instance, by reducing time for replenishment, reducing the time and increasing the rate of picking for BOPIS (Buy Online Pick Up in Store) services, increasing availability on the shelf, being able to change the price of goods on the shelf in a timelier manner. They also work to increase revenue and sales through pricing and promotional changes, engaging shoppers through in-store signage and promotions, merchandising enhancements, and adding app-based services such as location and route finding, product recommendations, and coupons. These capabilities can be made more effective by using Pricer’s shelf-edge solutions.

Pricer works with leading retailers within grocery, consumer electronics, pharmacy, and DIY worldwide. The scalable solution for in-store communication is based on electronic shelf labels (ESL), digital signage, and shelf cameras. The solution enhances in-store efficiency, from replenishment and inventory to click and collect and waste management and the shopping experience. The ESLs allow for dynamic price changes and consumer engagement by providing information to the consumer at the shelf edge.  

The solution is based on Pricer Plaza, a cloud-based management system infrastructure that enables business models of Software as a Service (SaaS). Pricer Plaza comprises a suite of services that provide sophisticated management of in-store infrastructure and services for individual departments and stores up to complete chains. In summary, Pricer’s solutions help retailers digitize critical instore processes, saving time and money and enabling a better shopping experience. Under the aegis of acting CEO Magnus Larsson, the company has continued to exemplify Pricer’s brand promise of reliability, understated technical excellence, and commitment to delivering value to its customers.

Unique Tech Advantage

Pricer uses many techniques to thwart the competitors, such as unique transmission technology using the near-infrared band to reduce energy requirements of the labels, increase the scalability of the solution and deliver a robust and more reliable infrastructure than any competing solution. Pricer is also the longest-lived organization in the ESL market and has seen many organizations join and leave this fascinating space. So, while tactical technology, product, pricing, and sales changes are important, the depth of experience in addressing this highly complex set of requirements differentiates Pricer from its competition.

To come to terms with the issues of shelf availability, gap detection, and planogram compliance in the stores, the Pricer ShelfVision solution combines machine learning and computer vision with a sophisticated wide-angle camera. The camera can automatically detect and identify electronic shelf labels and identify missing items on the shelves and give alerts to store staff through Pricer StoreApp or integration with existing staff management applications.

Finally, Pricer is a leader in developing and adopting new generations of e-paper, such as E-Ink’s Spectra 3100 4-color technology that allows higher resolution and full vibrant 4-color deployment, bringing additional promotional and consumer communication options to retailers worldwide. This was recently demonstrated at EuroCIS in Düsseldorf at the end of May 2022, together with a series of developments with a range of ecosystem partners.

Working with Client Hand-in-hand

An effortless buying journey, bespoke support, a high-quality multi-channel experience, a more efficient employee pathway, and a generally more human-focused approach. The French SAMSE Group’s L’Entrepôt du Bricolage stands out on the market for the excellence of its customer relations—proven when WizVille awarded it their 2021 Retail Customer Satisfaction Award in the Gardening and DIY category. The secret to their success? A management approach based on Symmetry of Attention, in which the adoption of Pricer’s optical wireless communication-based ESL system played an essential role in boosting operational efficiency.

Over the past two years, L’Entrepôt du Bricolage in France has been evolving in a restricted environment, affecting its promise of excellent relations and high-quality service. For L’Entrepôt du Bricolage, excellence in customer relations depends on a well-calibrated internal organization. In 2010, the company was already reflecting on how it could ensure that its in-store teams were 100% available for greeting customers and best handling their requests. However, the market at the time wasn’t sufficiently developed in technological terms to put the electronic shelf label forward as a feasible solution for such challenges… Until Pricer introduced Instant Flash.

The initial tests with Pricer were carried out in 2018 in the Saint-Martin d’Hères (Isère region) pilot store, not far from Grenoble. However, the realization it triggered across the brand convinced L’Entrepôt du Bricolage to invest in electronic shelf labels from June 2019 significantly: they needed to capitalize on customer relations to carve out a niche in the market. While L’Entrepôt du Bricolage was reviewing the organization of its stores, using teams dedicated to logistics (stocking products on shelves, order preparation, etc.) was the perfect opportunity for sales staff to focus more on advising and serving customers. L’Entrepôt du Bricolage’s gamble of accelerating the roll-out of its electronic shelf label project across its entire network paid off. 32 out of 38 stores were equipped in six months instead of the anticipated three-year timeline. The success was due to Pricer’s responsiveness and support in finding pertinent solutions, both financially and strategically.

For the days to come, Magnus and his team having decades of experience being a world leading hardware producer, will concentrate on enhancing themselves. “Today we lead the way to the smart retail of tomorrow. It is only possible with the trust from our long-serving customers, the dedication and energy from our people and our shared drive for innovation,” elucidates Magnus. “Therefore, my first responsibility is to listen to our great organization, progressive customers, and partners, and ensure our mission is delivered on every day. In the longer perspective I will focus on ensuring we continue to lead the transformation of retail with bold thinking and new innovations. Our three decades of experience have prepared us for the moment that we are in now, and I could not be more grateful to be on this journey together with all of you.”

Magnus is very grateful to get the opportunity to lead such a fantastic organization with dedicated professionals. Together with the clients and partners Pricer has been at the forefront of the industry for three decades, but more importantly they have never settled. On the contrary, Pricer has always focused on being the best partner for what’s next.

“I will continue to lead a path of growth together with our energetic people, progressive customers, and long-term partners. I have met many of you on my journey so far and look forward to meeting more of you in the time to come,” adds Magnus. “I am also grateful to Helena Holmgren, our previous CEO, who has guided our constant transformation and made us all better. This important mission of constant change and innovation will continue, and we could not be in a better position to lead the industry with new thinking and solutions.”

Magnus Larsson Award

Pricer is the leader in delivering shelf edge electronic pricing capabilities that bring a wide range of additional capabilities in the areas of store operational efficiency and consumer engagement.

Magnus Larsson

Acting President and CEO