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Founded in 1990, Partner Tech has more than 30 years’ experience as a leading innovator and manufacturer of Android and Windows-based point of sale terminals and peripherals. In later years, kiosks, self-checkout systems, tablets, mobile computers, and digital signage have been added to our offering. In addition, we provide value-adding solutions such as AI-based fraud prevention software, cloud device management, Wi-Fi optimization, and global fiscalization software that further improve the ROI of Partner Tech’s POS and self-service solutions.

With almost two million POS terminals shipped and more than 100,000 customers around the world, Partner Tech has a deep understanding of the global POS market and the company has become a trusted POS advisor to many customers and partners.

High quality standards and excellent customer service are always at the core of our business with up to 5-years warranty offered on of certain products.

In 2014, Partner Tech joined the $25 billion Qisda Group, a leading global ODM/OEM electronics provider, to further enhance the company’s R&D and manufacturing capabilities.

By leveraging the Qisda Group’s consolidated resources and strengths, Partner Tech now has access to large inhouse design capabilities, more than 120 engineers, and a 500,000 square meters (5.4 million square feet) production facility. This allows us to respond faster to new market needs while fulfilling the needs customized solutions as well as OEM and ODM turnkey solutions.

Locating at the heart of Dubai, Dubai Garden Centre was established in 2004, aims to offer wide range of plants to the customers. The garden has further expanded in 2008 to showcase a wider range of shrubs, seasonal trees & plants as well flowers with both indoor and outdoor gardening layout design.

The Garden Centre offers a wide range of gardening equipment including seeds, waterscape, outdoor loungers, chemicals & fertilizers, barbecuing and other accessories. In addition, it features garden furniture, home accessories, lamp shades, etc. from all around the world. The Garden Centre is also offering carpentry service by a team of 9 experienced carpenters whom able to customize various flowerpots, playhouses, pergolas, swings, bird houses and others. Furthermore, it creates a great opportunity for kids to learn & grow the importance of environment through gardening.Dubai Garden Centre uses the POS machine provided by Partner Tech’s middle east region office.

Partner Tech Corp offers POS solutions help you with great customer experience.

In another instance, Stefano’s Cantina was opened in the original cellars of Mildura’s historic Grand Hotel in 1991 by cook and wine producer Stefano de Pieri and the Carranza family.

A section of the cellars was built in 1889 with the hotel. ‘Cool rooms’ were added subsequently when the Grand began trading in liquor from 1919. The space is irregular, uneven, subject to partial flooding and unashamedly leaves all signs of plumbing and wiring exposed – just like the Pompidou in Paris! Stefano’s uses the POS machine provided by Partner Tech’s middle east region office.

Partner Tech Corp offers POS solutions help you with great customer experience.

The company recently introduced Alfred SCO, a modular and fully customizable self-checkout solution, which uses artificial intelligence to prevent fraud and speed up the checkout with less interventions.

By using a modular, space-saving tabletop design, Alfred SCO can be mounted on any type of tabletop, which makes it more flexible and cost-efficient, and retailers can select exactly the components they need for their type of store. No matter if it will be used in a supermarket, convenience, specialty or drug store – Alfred SCO can be customized to address the specific needs with different configurations, security features, and peripherals.

The modular design is based on a powerful touch screen computer, available in three different screen sizes and with several CPU options. Alfred SCO includes an optional produce scale and an adaptive security scale that helps reduce interventions compared to other solutions. The intelligent tri-light indicates the lane status and is available with an optional face ID camera and AI vision for verification of scanned products and fresh produce recognition.

Alfred SCO includes a thermal printer and a high-performance barcode scanner with EAS deactivation option. Compatibility with industry-leading payment terminals, provides support for all the merchants preferred payment types. Partner Tech also offers a cash management module with coin and bill recycling.

As a turnkey solution, Alfred SCO includes an intuitive self-checkout software with a customizable flow and shopper interface. The SCO software connects all the peripherals such as the scanner, scale and camera and uses advanced AI to identify suspicious activities and streamline the checkout. Partner Tech offers an API toolkit for fast and seamless integration with the retailer’s existing POS, thus ensuring that all the functions of the manned POS are maintained.

Remote monitoring provides valuable real-time visibility to the store performance and tracks the usage of the SCO system. With access to the dashboard and detailed usage data, retailers can proactively resolve problems to increase the SCO usage and profitability. Store associates and remote support staff can be alerted about interventions and can use their mobile device or desktop computer to review transactions and resolve issues. This creates a better customer experience while reducing the operational cost.

“Labor shortages and rising operational costs combined with shoppers’ expectations for convenience is transforming the retail industry and we are currently seeing a heavy investment in self-checkout solutions,” says Sandra Hsia, president at Partner Tech USA. “Alfred SCO makes it affordable even for smaller stores to implement and support self-checkout and retailers  appreciate the flexibility and small footprint of our SCO solution.”

Partner Tech joined the $25 billion Qisda Group, a leading global ODM/OEM electronics provider, to further enhance the company's R&D and manufacturing capabilities

Pete Wang