Levi's Beyond Yoga Names Former Athleta CEO as New Chief

Levi's Beyond Yoga Names Former Athleta CEO as New Chief

January 22, 2024 : The competitive landscape of the athletic apparel industry has intensified, with Levi Strauss & Co. strategically positioning its Beyond Yoga brand for a bold expansion. In a significant move, the company appointed Nancy Green, a seasoned executive with experience at Athleta and Gap Inc., as the new CEO of Beyond Yoga, effective February 1, 2024.

Green’s arrival signifies a deliberate step by Levi Strauss to leverage her extensive expertise in the competitive athleisure market. Her prior tenure as CEO of Athleta, a Gap Inc. subsidiary renowned for women’s activewear, saw her spearhead impressive growth and brand differentiation. This success and her familiarity with the Gap Inc. operating environment suggest Green possesses the insight and operational understanding necessary to propel Beyond Yoga to new heights.

The appointment coincides with Beyond Yoga’s ambitious trajectory. Acquired by Levi Strauss in 2021 for $400 million, the brand has enjoyed steady growth within its niche yoga apparel market. However, Green’s leadership is expected to propel Beyond Yoga beyond its traditional boundaries, expanding its reach into broader athleisure categories and potentially challenging established industry leaders such as Lululemon and Vuori.

Green’s strategic vision and leadership are crucial for navigating the highly competitive and ever-evolving athleisure landscape. Her deep understanding of consumer preferences and her experience in product development and marketing suggests Beyond Yoga may adopt a customer-centric approach, offering innovative and stylish activewear for diverse consumer segments.

Beyond Yoga’s leadership transition also coincides with the departure of its founder, Michelle Wahler, and Chief Operating Officer Jesse Adams. Wahler and Adams will transition to advisory roles, ensuring a smooth handover of responsibilities and providing valuable insights to Green as she steers the brand toward its next chapter.

The arrival of Green at the helm of Beyond Yoga marks a pivotal moment for the brand. Her proven track record in the athleisure industry and Levi Strauss’s financial backing and support position Beyond Yoga as a formidable contender in the intensifying battle for athletic apparel market share. Green’s strategic vision and leadership will be closely watched as Beyond Yoga endeavors to carve its unique niche in a crowded marketplace, potentially reshaping the competitive dynamics of the athleisure industry.