Intimissimi, Italian Lingerie Brand, Expands to Texas with First Store in Dallas Galleria Mall

May 22, 2023 : Intimissimi, the renowned Italian lingerie brand, is set to open its first store in Texas at the bustling Dallas Galleria Mall, bringing a touch of European intimacy to the Lone Star state. With its successful e-commerce presence, Intimissimi has recognized customers’ enthusiasm in this populous state and has chosen a location larger than its typical stores.

Customers can anticipate discovering the brand’s popular silk pyjama sets, unique silk intimates, and exclusive collections designed specifically for the US market. The store will feature an enhanced customer experience with its updated fitting room area, incorporating a new recessed monitor configuration and a full tile logo wall.

Parent company Calzedonia S.p.A has plans for further expansion of the Intimissimi brand. The company is considering the Fort Worth area adjacent to Dallas for its next store location. Subsequently, Intimissimi aims to expand into Houston, Austin, and San Antonio.

While some may have encountered the brand while travelling in Europe, establishing physical retail locations will significantly boost brand awareness in the US market. According to Antonio Simonato, a representative from Intimissimi, the US represents one of the largest untapped markets for the brand.

Competition in the lingerie market is fierce, particularly with digitally native brands and well-established competitors. However, Simonato expressed confidence in Intimissimi’s strengths and ability to become relevant and top of mind for US consumers.

Intimissimi aims to leverage influencer channels to engage with regional influencers and expand its organic grassroots social campaigns. Intimissimi benefits from having global brand ambassador JLo, who headlines their latest campaign. Previous collaborations with US-centric celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Irina Shayk, and Dakota Johnson bolstered the brand.

The Texas store openings mark just the beginning of Intimissimi’s planned expansion across the US. The brand’s first store opened in Paramus, NJ, in 2016, followed by its expansion to the West Coast in 2020. In 2022, Intimissimi opened 15 new stores nationwide, along with six additional locations housing Calzedonia, the hosiery-centric arm of the brand.

The ambitious growth plans continue, with a target of 27 new stores in 2023. By the end of 2023, Intimissimi aims to have 70 stores in the US market and 100 stores by the end of 2024, highlighting the brand’s strength and success.

Amidst a wave of store closures by lingerie giant Victoria’s Secret, Intimissimi’s expansion is opportune for the vertical lingerie retail sector. Victoria’s Secret has closed at least 300 stores across the US since 2020.