Former First Lady Michelle Obama Joins PLEZi Nutrition as Co-founder and Strategic Partner to Tackle Childhood Obesity through Healthier Food Choices

Former First Lady Michelle Obama has joined PLEZi Nutrition as co-founder and strategic partner, aiming to tackle the sugar problem

May 9, 2023 : Former First Lady Michelle Obama has joined PLEZi Nutrition as co-founder and strategic partner, aiming to tackle the sugar problem and inspire change within the food industry. The company’s launch was announced during the Wall Street Journal “Future of Everything Festival,” where Obama expressed her frustration finding healthy food options for her kids and her commitment to addressing the health crisis by starting a food company. PLEZi Nutrition’s mission is to provide healthy and affordable drinks and snacks for children while transforming the entire food industry.

The company’s initial product line consists of four fruit drinks strategically developed to combat the high sugar intake among kids. Compared to leading fruit juices that contain an average of 30g of sugar per 8 ounces, PLEZi’s drinks only contain 6g per serving, with no added sugar. The brand aims to optimize distribution and affordability, making it easier for parents to choose healthier options regardless of income or background.

PLEZi Nutrition’s products are currently available at Target, Sprouts, and, with plans to expand its retail footprint and offer a wider range of healthy drinks and snacks for children. While using stevia leaf extract and monk fruit extract as sweeteners in their drinks may spark controversy, the rationale behind this choice is to gradually reduce children’s reliance on sugar and adjust their palates to crave less sugar overall. The addition of potassium and fibre provides valuable nutrients for kids.

Education is crucial in shifting consumption choices and making healthier food decisions. Consumers are increasingly conscious of their eating habits, with a study by McKinsey showing that 70% of consumers want to be healthier, and 44% of US respondents claim to have reduced their sugar consumption in 2022. As conscious eating accelerates, grocery retailers embrace brands offering healthier formulas and claims on their shelves.

Michelle Obama’s involvement with PLEZi Nutrition aims to inspire other companies to improve and innovate in providing healthier options for children. The pandemic has accelerated the focus on health and wellness, making it a suitable time for food and beverage manufacturers to respond to evolving consumer preferences.

While there is still progress in promoting better food choices, initiatives like PLEZi Nutrition raise awareness and provide healthier alternatives, ultimately empowering consumers to make informed decisions about their dietary habits.