Estée Lauder CIO's Vision for AI in Beauty

Estée Lauder CIO's Vision for AI in Beauty

April 30, 2024 : Estée Lauder Companies’ Chief Information Officer, Michael Smith, is championing the extensive integration of artificial intelligence (AI) across the company’s diverse portfolio of beauty brands. This strategic initiative signifies a significant shift within the industry, potentially revolutionizing how consumers experience and interact with beauty products.

Through a strategic partnership with Microsoft, Estée Lauder is actively exploring the potential of generative AI applications across its numerous brands, including Clinique, Mac, and Too Faced. This collaboration leverages the Azure OpenAI Service, a powerful platform designed to facilitate the development and deployment of cutting-edge AI solutions.

One of the partnership’s initial projects involves creating a generative AI chatbot for internal use. This AI-powered tool aims to streamline employee information retrieval, enabling them to quickly access relevant data about ongoing projects, regional performance, and advertising campaigns.

However, the ambitions of Estée Lauder’s AI initiative extend far beyond internal applications. The company envisions a future where AI plays a pivotal role in enhancing the customer experience across all touchpoints. This includes the potential for AI-powered virtual consultations, personalized product recommendations based on individual preferences and skin analysis, and even the development of innovative beauty tools and applications.

Furthermore, Estée Lauder has already demonstrated its commitment to AI-driven innovation by launching its Virtual Makeup Assistant (VMA) mobile app. This groundbreaking application utilizes AI and augmented reality technology to provide visually impaired users with a more inclusive and independent makeup application experience.

By actively embracing AI, Estée Lauder positions itself at the forefront of a transformative shift within the beauty industry. This strategic move holds the potential to revolutionize the way consumers engage with beauty products, offering a more personalized and technologically advanced experience. As AI continues to evolve, Estée Lauder’s commitment to its integration signifies a pivotal step toward shaping the future of the beauty landscape.


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