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When thinking about the pharmacy experience, one might picture a pharmacist and some pharmacy staff inside a brick-and-mortar store, a long line of patients waiting to purchase and receive their medication, and over-the-counter (OTC) stock items and prescription medications. The challenges that pharmacy staff are up against include the time it takes to fill and find a prescription, staffing shortages leading to burnout among the remaining staff, managing OTC inventory, and pressure to turnover patient beds in a hospital setting, all while ensuring the highest levels of patient safety. 

From the patient’s side, waiting in a long line and then waiting for the pharmacy staff member to find the prescription(s) can be frustrating. And if a patient is waiting for medication following a hospital stay, it’s time-consuming to wait for the pharmacist to make their way to the hospital room.

 The patient may even leave the hospital without their medication to avoid the wait, but this puts them and the pharmacy at risk and can lead to sicker patient populations. With a complex web of challenges, pharmacies require solutions that make their and patients’ lives safer and more straightforward.  

Emporos is a Pharmacy Commerce Solution, including Point of Sale (POS), that enables pharmacy access to patients in-store, at the bedside, at home, and online. Its customers are outpatient and independent pharmacies, and Emporos empowers them to conduct safe and simple healthcare commerce. They do this by: 

Creating pharmacy-specific checkout workflows and configurability. The burdensome level of pharmacy and healthcare regulatory steps, combined with other unnecessary steps, slows down transactions. More importantly, regulatory tasks create a high liability during regulatory audits if the proper workflows are not followed. Emporos configures its pharmacy commerce solution to automate the reduction of these liabilities and improve patient safety, reducing operational overhead and increasing efficiency. 

Integrating the best and most popular Pharmacy Management Systems (PMS). Accessing information in the pharmacy management system and returning needed information to the PMS for regulatory, patient care, and patient safety purposes is a huge pain point for outpatient pharmacies. Emporos solves this problem by integrating with the best, most beloved PMS systems, which have created more efficient labor, higher throughput of patients seen and medications captured, reduced regulatory liabilities, and a better patient experience.  

Integrating payments. Another common challenge that Emporos solves is the inability to take multiple forms of payment, many unique to healthcare (such as credit, debit, FSA and HSA cards, and in-house charge accounts), while maintaining the highest levels of security of cardholder data. This creates a lack of tools to sync and synthesize those payments for reporting and audit purposes. The Emporos team integrates payments into its platform, adding value through better sales reporting and intelligence, higher patient capture, faster bed turnover, lower readmission rates, and higher collections and revenue capture. 

Helping Pharmacists Simplify Workflows

Emporos is the only cloud-based pharmacy POS solution, providing a multitude of benefits for pharmacies. Reducing costs for things like hardware and software fees, data center fees, and servers allows pharmacies to increase their profitability. Clients of Emporos experience a drastic decrease in expenses due to the power of the cloud. And without the need to buy, install, and configure servers, pharmacies can implement the Emporos POS and its upgrades with ease while maintaining the highest levels of security and regulatory compliance. The cloud functionality also plays a role in the Emporos mobile solution, bringing true mobility to pharmacies that need to conduct transactions outside of their pharmacy’s four walls.

A mobile pharmacy point of sale can reduce hospital readmissions by ensuring patients leave the hospital with their medications. The Emporos mobile solution also speeds up the checkout process when a patient is discharged with medications. Pharmacists can consult with the patient on how to properly take their medicine, capture the patient’s signature, and collect payment on the go at the patient’s bedside, removing the need for the patient to stop at the pharmacy storefront. 

Approximately 20-50% of patients do not obtain their prescribed medications upon discharge. Bringing the medication to a patient’s bedside before leaving the hospital eliminates the risk that the distractions of life can get in the way. In addition, the Emporos mobile solution can help with line-busting. If a long line forms at the pharmacy, a staff member can work the counter while another staff member assists patients in the line, reducing wait times and speeding up patient checkout. Other ways that clients use the Emporos mobile solution include curbside pickup and drive-thru to make the experience seamless for patients. Emporos technology seeks to remove any friction from a patient accessing their medication. 

The Emporos team will continue to revolutionize pharmacy commerce in the months and years to come by simplifying the process of receiving and paying for prescriptions, making it as easy as hailing a ride, paying for groceries online, securely purchasing concert tickets via a mobile app and other digital experiences that have become the everyday norm. “Over the next five years, Emporos predicts that digital patient payments will become the preferred method of pharmacy commerce, drastically reducing the burden that exists today for both patients and pharmacy staff alike,” says Eric Kristensen, CEO of Emporos. 

Building A Great Future

Emporos partners with the best pharmacy management systems to integrate into the EMR of record and ensure a seamless experience for everyone – from the Chief Pharmacy Officer to the IT team, pharmacy managers, pharmacy technicians, and most importantly, patients. Emporos makes integration simple for pharmacy management systems by offering the fewest possible APIs and touchpoints necessary to integrate while also managing their heavy commerce compliance burdens. With industry-leading safety standards, Emporos can seamlessly share patient, prescription, counseling, sale, and other information back and forth to the PMS and EMR. Expanding functionality has never been easier as a pharmacy or as a PMS for its pharmacy customers, all due to the powerful, integrated commerce solutions by Emporos. 

Many Emporos customers have various needs, and Emporos has options that can be catered to each pharmacy site it services. For instance, a non-profit health system client operating 30+ hospitals and several specialized facilities across multiple states has celebrated its partnership with Emporos due to its ability to improve pharmacy utilization rates. By leveraging the power of the Emporos Point of Sale solution, this client could measure how many patients were discharged with their medication in the Emporos platform. They found a significant increase in pharmacy patients leaving the hospital with their medications, which led to healthier patient populations. 

Emporos has a big vision for its future and the future of pharmacy commerce. They are breaking down barriers by enabling pharmacies and healthcare providers of all types – independent, outpatient, chain, specialty, mail order, and long-term care – to conduct improved pharmacy commerce experiences in and outside the four walls of the pharmacy store to increase patient access, improve profitability, and optimize for easy and safe patient experience. Pharmacies can take the mobile solution that Emporos provides and use it to do just that – be more mobile. By making the point-of-sale experience accessible anywhere from any device, Emporos empowers healthcare organizations to make online, at-home, in-store, bedside, and curbside commerce activities a reality. 

Feels like we need to highlight somewhere that we are the only Cloud pharmacy POS solution and how cloud creates beneficial outcomes

Over the next five years, Emporos predicts that digital patient payments will become the preferred method of pharmacy commerce, drastically reducing the burden that exists today for both patients and pharmacy staff alike

Eric Kristensen